Case Studies & Testimonials


50 year old female patient presented with right hand knee pain from the lower back through the thigh to the knee, right shoulder and elbow pain, and menopausal hot flushes.

  • After the first treatment the shoulder and elbow pain was reduced.
  • After the second treatment the shoulder and elbow pain had disappeared.
  • Two days after each session the knee began to get shooting pains.
  • On the 8th treatment when she came the knee was still painful so I decided to do an integrated reflexology incorporating ear, hand and foot for 2 hours until the pain went away. 

It was interesting to observe that the pain moved from knee down to the ankle and calf and alternated between these points while massaging. She has said since this last treatment she has had no pain her energy level is good and the hot flushes disappeared.

The reflexology has helped her condition well.


45 year old male presented with right wrist pain, inner arch of foot swelling and cramping, neck and back pain, dorsal side of foot pain.

  • After the first treatment inner arch of foot swelling had subsided and cramping had disappeared. The right wrist pain also ceased.
  • After the second treatment there was no pain except for slight tenderness on the dorsal side of the foot.

Four days later all pain had ceased.

Another wonderful result from reflexology.

“Kyoko offers a relaxing environment and is very understanding to client’s conditions and needs, as well as being friendly and professional in recording all treatment detail, changes in condition. Educating myself on the science of Reflexology explains all areas worked on and possible responses and benefits. I have letters from my own specialist of Otolaryngology who confirms that in his opinion I have benefited greatly from Reflexology and I will always incorporate this as an essential part of keeping this new level of wellness”

Rachel M

“Since [my patient suffering from Sjögren's Syndrome] started reflexology things have improved and in the absence of any other change, I can only assume that the reflexology she has received has been responsible for at least some of improvement."

Dr. R. Morton
(Dr. Morton also requested me to speak at the Sjögren's Syndrome Conference that year)

“I have been a practicing registered nurse for twenty years and in my current capacity as a Rural practice Nurse I have become acquainted with Kyoko. Kyoko was brought to my attention because several of our patients informed me about the positive results of Kyoko’s Reflexology on various conditions that their children have been suffering from.

Recently I had the privilege of a reflexology session with Kyoko, and found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and therapeutic. The session was conducted in well prepared warm and inviting room.”

Jane P

“Kyoko has always been extremely dedicated and conscientious with her work. We are very happy with the results she provides, always with a positive attitude. Thank you Kyoko”

Corinne S

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